Did you say shameless plug?


Please vote for me as Kreacher at H_E-s Character Meme, because he is awesomesauce and I love him. Yes, I want to be an old pig nosed house elf again, because last year wasn't enough! :D

And as last year, I will vote for you if you want, of course. I will search the f-list for request, but you can write me if you have something special in mind :) Again, screened, so don't be shy :D

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So, I was tagged by munanna with this happiness-meme. I avoided to do it because I am kind of miserable lately, and it was hard to think of happy things.

The rules are easy, just post 10 things that recently made you happy! Then tag 10 people and force them to post this meme on their LJs. Because it is good. Everyone needs a little happiness once in a while.

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Hmmmm, it is really hard to think something else that makes me happy and isn´t as pathetic like "I am not starving." or "I have internet."...
Sorry folks, maybe next time.


People! People, who are hogwarts_elite! Please vote for me as Kreacher, unless you want to miss the great opportunity to see me shaking babies and kissing hands on my thank you tour!

Naturally I have a great arsenal of bribes, money for the traditionalists, cookies for the hungry and spots in my house elf army for the precautionary!

And yes, I can vote for you too. Just leave a message after the beep. Screened, ofkorz.

Valentine's Day

yay, I hate this day... I hated it when I had somebody, but now, that I am alone, I hate it even more. Buuuut I like KOTOR, so I drew a valentine's-themed picture:

enjoy ;D
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Excited like whoa

I am so surprised!! When I submitted my application at H_E I regretted it instantly... I had all the nightmare-ish images of me being squibbed, because I am arrogant and not likable and ...
But hey! I don't know why, the guys there actually like me (or they pretend it XD, man it is too hard not to beat myself with self-pity :D).
I kind of regret, that I waited months with the application, because I really like the feeling, that people analyze me :) But then I realize it was for the best... my english is getting better with every day, so six months ago could have been a disaster, who knows!

Oh, new picture:

Yeah, I suck at highlights... *goes to kill herself*
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